Rancho Cucamonga Santa Claus & Mrs. Claus
Handy Hints

* Santa's suit is very warm and the event location should be cool and comfortable; 65 -70 degrees, with a fan.

* When parking is at a minimum, please reserve a special parking place for Santa, close as possible to event; have some fun and put a sign out “Reserved for Santa!”

* Santa can carry in one bag of presents for children or guests; well labeled, if requested.

* Santa will call close to his arrival. Get everyone together, and have someone outside to meet Santa.

* Santa does not need to come in the front door, creative entrances are fun and encoura
ged. (Santa is not an athlete.)

* Get everyone together before Santa enters. Santa will only be there for a set amount of time. If everyone is scattered around the house or office, you lose valuable time.

* Provide a sturdy chair for Santa to sit in. Folding chairs and low chairs are not good. Santa LOVES a chair that is sturdy and stable to support him and a child on each knee; commonly a straight-back dining chair, as Santa likes to sit-up or on the edge of the chair. Pre-place chair near your Christmas tree or in a holiday setting.

* An adult must be present at all times to manage children. Santa does not discipline.

* Think about photos with everyone. Yup teenagers, and even grandparents will shy away. Santa can stand up for photos. Wait until Santa asks Grandpa or the boss if he’s been a good boy!

* If there is a balance or payment due to Santa, place it inside a Christmas card or envelope. This is most appropriate. Handing cash or check to Santa when seen by others takes away from the magic of the experience.